our values

WE believe

In breaking barriers

In providing opportunity

In alternative public safety, that works!

All humans deserve to THRIVE!

Our Staff

team-member-Heather McBroom-profile-image

Heather McBroom

Executive Director

team-member-Andi Propst-profile-image

Andi Propst

Operations Coordinator

Our Board Members

team-member-Cory Arcarese-profile-image

Cory Arcarese

Board Chair

team-member-Charles Smith III -profile-image

Charles Smith III

Vice Chair

team-member-Katie Carleo-profile-image

Katie Carleo


team-member-Natasha Hutson-profile-image

Natasha Hutson


team-member-Gregg Sheldon-profile-image

Gregg Sheldon

Board Member

team-member-Latrina Ollie-profile-image

Latrina Ollie

Board Member

team-member-Moni Hernandez-profile-image

Moni Hernandez

Board Member

team-member-Jeff Zearfoss-profile-image

Jeff Zearfoss

Board Member

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