I have zero business background, but earlier this year I left my corporate career of 14 years to pursue my own skin care service business full-time. It has been challenging, but I am thankful I took advantage of the opportunity to apply for the program that was promoted on social media by a Thrive graduate. I went in with an open mind and trusted that the timing of this program was going to help me in the areas I need to grow as a new business owner on the SouthEast side of town. I didn't know something like this existed and was amazed at the education, resources, and personal development it provides. I would say attending the Thrive graduation / marketing expo was a major win for me to just put myself out there and network with people. It gave me a boost of confidence to be a vendor at future marketing events. Attending a different event can be a great learning experience on how to keep improving.

- Melanie McFall

While being in the program, I've had so much success with learning different entrepreneurial skills. When I first started the program, I had a different idea for a business. Having no clue how to even start it, I shifted my mind to a different business concept. Skip forward to a marketing campaign that we had to do later on in phase two, I was scared and had some tragic family issues that had happened at the time. With not even wanting to go, and me feeling like I was unprepared to stand and pitch my elevator speech. Well I stood tall over that fear that day, and actually became comfortable with talking to everyone that had come to my stand. This right there was a huge success for me to overcome that fear of failure and now I have more confidence when it comes to these marketing campaigns.

- Wayne Balion

I joined the Thrive program to gain knowledge of creating and sustaining a successful business. Joining the program has given me so much confidence in my abilities to be an entrepreneur and allows me to share and encourage others to step out on faith and follow their dreams as well. The program has given me so much insight and access to how I can build my business and even ways to support my community.

- Tiffany Henderson

During our first networking event I made multiple contacts with people who want to work with me and are interested in helping expand my business. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many entrepreneurs and build amazing relationships with them.

- Richelle Lujan

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